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    { Announcements } 2017/11/22

    Request for Proposal


Request for Proposal 

            India Taipei Association (ITA) is seeking reputed service providers for office space organisation rearrangement work in Suites 2208, TWTC, ITB Building, No. 333 Keelung Road, Sec.1., Taipei, Taiwan on an urgent basis.  

The details of the work to be undertaken are given below: 

1.  Resizing of 2 rooms;

2.  Relocation of one door;

3.  Addition of 4 workstations, including desk board, side cabinet;

4.  Provision of Office Chairs-03 nos.;

5.  Pulling down of 2 walls & reconstructing them, as required and installation of door thereon;

6.  Installation of sliding door for Store room;

7.  Installing lock on 2 doors;

8.  Rewiring of electricity and telephone lines & additional wiring, as required;

9.  Relocation of lights, as required, after rearrangement of office;

10.  Mending of carpet, as required ;

11.  Cleaning up the premises immediately after work is done;

12.  Labour & Insurance 

Service Providers may come for inspection of the premises (Contact Ms. Racheal Pan@ Tel No. 2757 6112 –Ext. 18), following which they are required to email their quotes (preferably in English language), to ddgcom.ita@mea.gov.in and adadmn.ita@mea.gov.in  by 1000hrs on 28th Nov 2017.  Only Service Providers who comply with the rules and regulations of TWTC, ITB Building may send the quotations. The quote should include sketch of the work to be undertaken and all the details of material that would be used. 

India Taipei Association reserves the right to cancel this tender inquiry at any stage without assigning any reason whatsoever.