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Update to Advisory to the Indian Community on Fraud Phone Calls

       In continuation of our earlier advisory (reproduced below), the following information is provided.

  1. The website (https://www.165.gov.tw) can be used to check the list of phone numbers which have been used for fraudulent purposes.
  2. Users can dial 165 or 110 to directly speak to police authorities (Chinese language only) to register a complaint.

Advisory Reproduced

       It has been brought to the attention of the India Taipei Association that members of the Indian community in Taiwan are receiving telephone calls from fraudsters.

2.     India Taipei Association never makes telephone calls to individuals and demands that a fee or a penalty be paid through online or wire services.

3.      As per the information provided by a few recipients of these fraudulent calls, the method adopted by the fraudsters has the following elements:

  1. The fraudsters call from various telephone numbers. They also have facility to spoof any telephone number so that the recipient may see a telephone number which may not be the actual number from which the call is made.
  2. The fraudsters use English or Hindi language. The fraudsters identify the unsuspecting victims through some of the personal details of the individual (including those information that can be gathered from online services).
  3. The fraudsters threaten the recipients that legal case will be registered against individual due to error or inadequate information in the recipient’s passport/visa/immigration records.
  4. The fraudsters demand financial payment through online transfer or through credit/debit cards or through money transfer services like Western Union.

4.      Members of the Indian community are hereby alerted not to fall prey to this scam. It is reiterated that India Taipei Association never makes telephone calls to individuals and demands that a fee or a penalty be paid through online or wire services.

5.      Indian community is also requested to bring the full details of any such call to the attention of the local police. Please also inform us by writing to adcons.ita@mea.gov.in. Separately, India Taipei Association is also bringing the details of the scam to the attention of the Taiwan police.

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